Hear what they have to say about their experience with Breathe with Annie

"I have attended multiple breathwork sessions with Annie. Some 1:1 and some with others. Each experience has been very positive and enlightening. Annie eases you into breathwork by showing everyone how it is done and what you might experience throughout the session. Everything from the beautiful music selection, comfortable setting to candy at the end feels catered to you. Breathe with Annie has helped me set goals and intentions and see them through. In times of stress or uncertainty, Annie has helped guide me through. I recommend Breathe with Annie to anyone beginner or experienced."




"POWERFUL! I didn't know quite what to expect, but my first session was more than I imagined it would be. Annie did an incredible job of creating a calm, safe space, and making everyone feel comfortable. The emotions that came up, the physical feeling of lightness, and the connection to others in the group all made for a powerful experience! Looking forward to joining another session."


"Annie brings her full self to each session, and each session is unique and always ends up being exactly what you need in that moment. I've both personally experienced and witnessed that her guided breathwork and meditations leave people with a renewed sense of love, acceptance, and hope for themselves and the world around them."

Alli constable



“Thanks again for last night! I’m really really enjoying your breathwork classes! I definitely think the class last night just helped me shave a minute off my run this morning!!!!!!!!”

jordan furbee

"Annie is a beautiful human, incredibly kind and thoughtful. She dedicates herself to making a great breathwork experience through her playlist, guidance, calming tone, and amazing poems. Her love and support through her guided meditation facilitates a safe environment, and I’m grateful for the experiences. If I’m holding on to a lot of stress or anxiety, I know it’s going to be an emotional ride. Annie eases you into being present and reminds you to love yourself and be grateful - a reminder I very much needed recently. I didn’t want the session to end, but when it did, I was blown away by the beautiful poem she wrote and read aloud specifically for the occasion! I’m so glad the universe led me to Annie because she’s brought me so much happiness even at my darkest times. Sometimes you get lost in constant bustle of life, but breathwork slows it down and provides much needed clarity without distractions. Annie curates a comforting setting that triggers all your senses which I can’t recommend more."

julia poon



"After every Breathwork session with Annie I feel more alive, more in tune with my emotions, more grateful and more inspired. The amount of care and thoughtfulness she puts into curating each and every unique offering feels like you are receiving pure magic. I love the themes and topics that Annie deep dives into for each session and I am always looking forward to the next one with eager anticipation. You must breathe with Annie regardless of your experience or lack thereof. She will take such good care of you!!"

erin mcintyre