November 21, 2021 Breathwork

A special gratitude-focus breathwork session at West LA Athletics to prepare for Thanksgiving 2021 and make space for the holiday season.



You find yourself at the base of a tree

Staring up the vast limbs above

You notice a ladder that extends upwards

And gently you place your foot on the first rung

You climb and climb and with each step

You start to smell a familiar scent

The aroma of Thanksgiving meals

Memories of places that you’ve been

You reach the top among the clouds

Everything is a soft blue and white

An aisle of tables stands before you

Each one glowing like a light

You walks towards the first table

And you see a familiar face

They are waving you towards them

Eager to wrap you in an embrace

They are someone from your life 

Who has been one of your biggest fans

They seem to always cheer you on

Whether you’re at the beginning or the end

As they look at you it’s as if they see

The parts of you that truly shine

Even when you’re unsure of yourself

They are there to support and remind

Your heart fills a bit with gratitude

For the way that they show up

You walk towards the next table

After giving one last little hug

The next person that you see

Sits cooly on their chair

They pat the seat next to them

And nod to come sit right here

You sit down on the seat

And you are immediately at ease

The person is someone from your life

Who always seems to offer peace

They often show up to give you guidance

And help unlocked closed doors

They see your shortcomings and your potential

All the places left to explore

All the while they show you love

Even if it is a bit quiet and composed

There is a space within their heart for you

That is greater than you know

Your own heart fills with a bit of gratitude

For sage wisdom they’ve bestowed

For the compass to gently guide you

So that you feel a little less alone

The next table that you come to

Is packed with people who you know

They are the closest friends in your life

Some know each other and some don’t

They are smiling and laughing 

And scoot over so you can have a seat

You immediately feel engulfed in love

A cozy place where you feel seen

They wrap their arms around you

And in the laughter it’s easy to forget

That each person at the table

Faces the same fears that you get

Your heart fills with gratitude

For the pure joy that they all provide

For matching your weirdness always

And being your companions through this life

With a heart that is brimming with gratitude

You make it to one final table within view

The person sitting there rises with open arms

It is an older version of you

As you hug, you’re almost amazed

At how sturdy and strong they feel

But at the same time there is a softness

There are parts of you that have healed

They let you feast on details of their life

That sound like what you want someday somehow

But as you listen you start to realize

A lot of it is things that you have now

They gift to you this knowledge

Along with a little more room in your heart

To make space for more gratitude

As you hug goodbye and depart

You climb back down the ladder

With small lights to light your way

Until you carefully reach the bottom

To this evening and this space

With a heart that is now ready

To both give and to receive

To notice the daily wonders of life

On the drive home and this week.