September 12, 2021 Breathwork

A special all women breathwork session on the beach in which we wrote something we wanted to release on dissolvable paper and let go into the ocean. The poem incorporates all elements to remind us that we're held by nature.



You walk across the sand today

The same way you have before

Wind blows across the water

And the waves lick the shore

You hold a piece of paper

Containing something to release

You toss it into the ocean

And it dissolves into the sea

The sea tells the wind

About what it just consumed

The wind says to the sea

Well that’s just what I assumed

You see, sea

I know her well

About places she has been

And stories that she tells

I’ve carried her worries

And listened to her fears

I’ve swept up her hair

And blown away her tears

I’ve also listened too

To what others have to say

About how she shows up for them

And how she made their day

Just then the sun chimes in

And says I would have to agree

I know she has the courage

To surrender and be free

Just like me

I’ve seen her shine

When she forgets about the everyday

And remembers she’s divine

The sea, sun and wind

Talk about you into the night

The stars overhear it

And say that sounds just right

Each star has a perspective

Of how they’ve seen you glow

And about generations before you

People you might not even know

They’ve watched your mother

Grandmother, father and aunts

Millions of people

Who have all danced the dance

Just like the stars

You share some traits

But what is different about you

Is what makes you great

The moon weighs in

And confirms it is true

That with each lunar phase

You seem to become more you

He promises he will keep watch

Of what you have released

And they all make a pact

The sun, moon, stars, wind and sea

To illuminate your path

And carry with them your love

To spread throughout the world

For generations to come.