August 22, 2021 Breathwork

My first breathwork session at Moon Crew with a poem inspired by my friend, Ali, leaving for the airport right after.



You attach yourself to a balloon

And drift off into the sky

You see the shoreline down below

The sun hugging the horizon line

Your body feels weightless

And your mind feels at ease

Untethered from the racing thoughts

Simply suspended in the breeze

You pass over the home of someone

Who has caused you disappointment or pain

The balloon drifts a little closer

And you see them come into frame

From up above they don’t seem so big

And actually quite small

They are peering at themselves in the mirror

Silently evaluating each and every flaw

They look like just another human

Full of worries and mistakes of their own

You wonder if they feel sorry for what they’ve done

Or if they’ve even truly known

Maybe they are too concerned

About getting through another day

About preserving their own ego

Caring what others think and say

Your heart expands a little bit

Making room for forgiveness next to pain

Your balloon expands a little too

As you both climb higher and higher away

You gently float across the sky

Until you soar over another place

It feels warm and familiar

And through the window you see their face

It is someone who loves you

Who has seen how far you’ve come

Maybe you’re their dear friend

Or maybe you’re their son

Maybe there are photos of you on walls

Or a small gift from you in sight

That they have as a constant reminder of you

Because they see your light

They sit there thinking of you

As they secretly often do

Of how proud they are or fond memories

Inside jokes only known by you

You realize that even when you’re by yourself

Times when you feel alone

There is love out there that exists for you

In someone else’s home

Your hearts expands again a little

Making room for extra joy and love

The balloon expands a little more too

And tugs you from up above

The clouds below you quickly shift

And suddenly 5 years have gone by

You look down at the world

And it has changed before your eyes

Where there was turmoil and strife

There is now some resolution and peace

People expanding their minds

And letting go of some beliefs

You notice one person in particular

Who stands out from the rest

They are living their authentic truth

Even parts they have suppressed

They have tapped into their potential

One that had been brewing for some time

They are exploring their innate gifts

They look like they’re in their prime

The person is yourself

A slightly older you

A soft gaze of contentment

And a love for what you do

There are deeper laugh lines

From good times with friends

From dozens of small beginnings

And plenty of beautiful ends

Your hearts expands some more

Making room for hope next to fear

The balloon begins to deflate a little

And an end to the trip draws near

With each bit of air

That leaves the balloon

You let go of some things

To make a little extra room

You let go of unnecessary worries

The ones that you no longer need

You make space for more goodness

And for any challenges you might meet

Your balloon softly brings you back

To this sand and this beach

With a heart that is ready

For anything it may receive.