July 22, 2021 Breathwork

Special 1:1 session with my good friend who was struggling with a tough week and was in need of hopefulness.



You climb on board a ride

On a bright Disneyland day

An afternoon filled with fun

An opportunity to play

In a moment you’re transported

Into a fantasy land

There are trees dripping gold

And high dunes of pink sand

You enter a tunnel that’s dark

You can barely see

But from beneath a small light

You see a girl sitting alone

And realize that’s me

It’s the you who has been worried

All of this past week

Who has been drowning in fear

To the point you feel weak

Before you can look too closely

You pass into a new space

You see yourself 1 year from now

In a faraway place

There are quaint buildings lining a street

That are aged with history

You look so in awe

As if the city is a great mystery

A new dynamic, a new perspective

A fresh outlook on life

There is music that fills your soul

And you take in all the sights

The well-worn streets remind you

Of everyone who has come before

While the novelty of their charm

Unlock internal closed doors

The ride moves on as you catch a glimpse

Of the wide smile on your face

And move onto the next scene

Of a more familiar place

You see yourself laughing

2 years from today

In your home where some things are new

And some things have stayed the same

You are content and at peace

A calm that’s hard to describe

You embody a bold confidence

You wear your strength with pride

You are surrounded by family

And friends who you adore

Including a partner you love

In a way you haven’t felt before

The ride slowly moves on

And you are met with daylight

You armed with a new knowing

That everything will be alright.