August 15, 2021 Breathwork

One of my favorite poems to date as Leo season continued. The poem expresses the beauty of freedom and choosing love over fear.



You awake in the grasslands

On the African plains

You reach out your arm

And feel a thick mane

You open your eyes to see

A lion staring backing at you

But he seems so gentle

In a way subdued

You nuzzle closer and feel

Each one of his thick hairs

Reaching your hand to his paw

He softly licks it with care

You almost feel as if 

You are one of his cubs

You feel held and protected

An innate kind of love

You climb onto his back

As you set off to explore

The vastness of lands

You’ve never seen before

The sky looks so blue

The grass appears so green

The sun hovers on the horizon

The goldest gold you’ve ever seen

Through the grass you see someone

Who looks like they’re distressed

Scared and afraid

And lost in the wilderness

You see that’s its yourself

The part that’s sometimes full of fear

When you feel kind of trapped

Or as if no one is near

You and the lion step closer

And the scared you takes a step back

But the lion bows its head

And says, “We’re not here to attack”

He goes on to share wisdom

That he’s learned on the land

You both sit down to listen

And hold each others hand

He says that with great freedom

Comes risk, uncertainty and doubt

Not knowing what’s ahead

Or any easy way out

But with freedom comes choice

And excitement of the unknown

The ability to pick your path

Among open lands to roam

He says that everything on earth

Is either fear or love

You can either hide from danger

Or you can protect your cubs

You can choose to be wild

Or you can choose to be tame

As long as the decision

Is one that you alone made

He says sometimes love and fear

Look like one in the same

But it takes courage to tell the difference

It takes being brutally brave

You suddenly realize it’s just you

Sitting across from the lion now

He gifts you with part of his strength

And takes a quick bow

He walks on towards the sunset

Into the horizon line

Leaving you with a piece of his courage

To have for all time.