September 23, 2021 Breathwork

An all women's breathwork session on my patio to welcome in Fall with open arms, complete with pumpkin tea and treats



The air gets a little crisper

And the sun a little dim

Shadows extend further

Than they’ve previously been

The leaves let go

Of their need to be green

Like clockwork each year

Fall arrives on the scene

You wave hello

It’s been a while, old friend

What have you been up to?

Where have you been?

Fall slowly starts to answer

And she gently takes a seat

“Do you remember where you were

The last time you saw me?”

You try to think back

To this time last year

When the world was upside down

And brimming with fear

You think about the pain of isolation

And holidays plans unknown

Just then Fall looks at you and says,

See how much you’ve grown

Sure you were outraged and resistant

To a whole new world

But things needed to shift

So you could become this girl

The type of woman who shed layers

Like leaves from a tree

Who let go of the unnecessary 

And found joy in simplicity

And you probably noticed

That in order to feel whole

You must cherish the now

And relinquish control

So I come as a reminder

As I do every year

To have reverence for each season

Because there’s a reason we’re here

And I’m not just here to tell you

How much you have grown

I’m also here as a reminder

To embrace the unknown

To take what you’ve learned

Since I saw you last year

And use it in this season

To help love outweigh fear

Just as the leaves slowly turn

As they trust the process 

Simply take your next step 

And I’ll do the rest.