August 1, 2021 Breathwork

With a small group on the beach, we celebrated the fiery confidence that comes with Leo season. The poem was inspired by solo breathwork journey of mine.



A fire flickers in front of you

Yellow and white before your eyes

There’s music playing softly

As the flames lick the sky

You are nested somewhere cozy

The stars above you shine

The heat warms your body

And the fire ignites your mind

Across from you appears two people

Who both look about your age

They seem so familiar 

Where they’re from it’s hard to gauge

You realize it’s your mom and dad

The younger versions of them both

Like seeing black and white in color

And you take a closer look

You see small pieces of your own face

As you study theirs

You see similar lines and shapes

The same texture of your hair

You also notice fears and doubts

Struggles and worries that transcend time

But alongside there is an optimism

A hope that things will work out fine

You thank them for their courage

And for gifts they will pass down

You show them grace for being human

As well as the happiness you’ve found

Seeing your life fills them with pride

And smiles spread across their face

You take a mental snapshot

Before they start to fade away

The next person who appears 

Is someone who knows you best

Maybe you grew up together

Or maybe you just met

When they look at you they see you

All the pieces you know and don’t

They somehow see into your past

And how far you have to grow

The way they look at you straight on

Makes you feel a bit shy

There is no place to go

And there is nowhere to hide

They see how much you care

How you want to make your mark

And they see how you get discouraged

When you feel alone in the dark

They see your strength and determination

They see the desires in your heart

They see the light that lives inside of you

And how it can shine so far

The shadows shift across their face

And slightly different eyes come into view

They are filled with the same beliefs

Except the person staring back is you

You see yourself for all your beauty

And what you have to give

Your charisma and your confidence

The way in which you boldly live

Across the fire you see your shadows

The parts of you you rarely let out

But you notice their beauty against the light

What yin and yang is all about

You don’t spend a second thought

On when the fire will go out

All you care about feeding the flames

In the best way you know how.