June 26, 2021 Breathwork

This was first time leading a breathwork session for my 34th birthday. The poem is based on one of the first visualizations I had from breathwork, inspired by a butterfly image I used to think of at the end of yoga during savasana.



You stand atop the highest mountain

Looking out over the world below

A butterfly catches your attention

Flapping its wings that slightly glow

You wonder for a moment

How it reached so high

Was it born there as a caterpillar

Or from all this ways did it fly?

Either way it doesn’t matter

You climb on board its wings

You notice its vibrant colors

And appreciate the joy it brings

You land on a fluffy cloud

Floating in the bright blue sky

You lie back and feel so comfortable

So does the butterfly

In the clouds you see a child

Running so happy and free

You take a closer look

And realize oh that’s me

It’s from a moment in your past

When you felt truly alive

Your cheeks hurt from smiling

You can see the light in your eyes

You take a little piece of the joy

And store it in your heart

As a reminder of what once was

And also that you’ve come so far

The next person who appears

Is the version of you five years from now

It is the summer of 2026 

And you’re laughing in the clouds

You’re surrounded by a group of friends

Some of them old and some new

They love you and support you

A bond that is the truest true

You faced some fears

And have met some goals

You have collected thousands of moments

That only you will ever know

You take a piece of that bliss

And the sense of pride you feel

You put it in your heart

As a reminder it can be - and is - real

From another cloud you see someone

Who looks so calm 

You can see it in their face

They come over to greet you

And wrap you in a warm embrace

It’s the older version of you

Twenty years from today

You have a few extra wrinkles

And your hair has some gray

As they hold you

You can feel the love they’ve known

Their strength vibrates off of them

And you remember its your own

It’s the strength you have now

And the power to be free

To crack open from an acorn

And grow into a great big oak tree

You take a piece of their courage

And save it with the rest

When you need a reminder

Of the feeling of true happiness

With all of this light

Stored safely in your heart

You climb back on the butterfly

And from up above you depart

You fly through the sky

And down to the beach and this sand

To this beautiful Sunday

And softly you land

You arrive at this moment

That is the only one of its kind

You add it to your collection

To have for all time