November 4, 2021 Breathwork

A foggy new moon breathwork on the beach to celebrate Evan's birthday and set intentions for the remainder of 2021.



A dense fog thickens around you

In the first color that comes to mind

The colorful, cool air engulfs you

It’s the only thing left in sight

Just then you hear a voice

Coming from the sky

You look up towards the heavens

And only stars meet your eyes

The voice says, “I am the moon

I’m still right up here

Even if you can’t see me

Just know that I am there

Sometimes you need my light

But sometimes you need my dark

A time to swim within your shadows

And dig deep within your heart

It’s a time for a new chapter

A time for a clean slate

To forge a path based on your deepest desires

And the unique qualities that make you great

In my light I have seen you shine

I know that you are strong

A strength that will guide you

When the unexpected comes along

You see, sometimes you need a shake up

And to challenge the status quo

To realize the hidden powers within you

And truths you need to know

It’s ok to dive into your feelings

Just like the tides that ebb and swell

Come up for air when you are ready

When your spirit is good and well

Then take small steps towards what you want

And little by little I’ll give you light

And remember that often your darkest hours

Give birth to your brightest nights”

The stars start to glow even brighter

As the moon’s words echo in your heart

The cloudy air gives you once last hug

And then the fog begins to part

You feel the weight of your body against the sand

And the love and support that surrounds you

With a readiness to set intentions

And perhaps to start something new.